About Us

Brisbane Arts Theatre is an iconic independent theatre company. We produce engrossing, high quality, accessible theatre. We educate emerging Brisbane artists and future industry professionals. Our people inspire our fun, creative and innovative culture.

Established in 1936, our 80-year-old theatre company has been the city's gateway theatre for decades. Our key goal to provide accessible theatre for Brisbane audiences has translated to accessibility in price, accessibility in the types of productions we stage and accessibility through the welcoming and intimate atmosphere at our iconic 50-year-old venue on Petrie Terrace.

Throughout our history, Brisbane Arts Theatre has served as the gateway to performing arts careers, not just for those on stage, but also for those behind the scenes. The list of legends of stage and screen who began their journey on the Arts Theatre's stage is vast. Shane Porteous, Russell Dykstra, Kate Foy, Jennifer Flowers, Anna McGahan, Lucas Stibbard and the late and dearly missed Carol Burns are just some of the household names, while an extraordinary number of technicians have gone onto professional careers in lighting, sound and set design.